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In Gamla games you compete with other people around the world for either real cash or our virtual currency – Gams coins.
If you want to play for real cash prizes, tap the Store button on the main menu and enter your credit card number or PayPal account information. Now you can participate in cash tournaments and win real money prizes. You can withdraw your winnings at any time.

Gamla cash tournaments are not gambling, because all of the competitions are based on abilities, rather than luck or chance. Players’ skills determine the winner of the tournaments. We don’t profit on the outcome of the tournaments, and has no vested interest on who wins or loses.
Games of skills offer players a chance to compete based on their abilities. If you’re newbie in that, you can take part in practice matches. When you’re experienced enough, you can start playing in cash tournaments.

Everyone who has a mobile phone or tablet is eligible to take part in our competitions. Cash tournaments are available to all players over the age of 18 in areas of the world where cash gameplay is enabled.
In order to play for cash, your device location settings must be enabled to ensure eligibility.


When you open a Gamla game for the first time, you are automatically signed in with a random username. To update your username, picture, or contact information: Tap the icon profile on the top right of the main menu page.

Go to the main menu, tap Account and then Personal Info. Review your first name, last name, email address, and address, and edit your personal information accordingly. Tap Save, when you are ready.

Click on the icon on the top right and go to Profile. Then click on your avatar, here is the option to change both your username and the image.

To change your password while in game:
Go the main menu, click Account and then Change Password. Type your current password, and then choose a new one. Tap Save, and log in with your new password.
To change your password while logged out:
After opening the game, you may see a list of usernames previously used on your device. Make sure the correct one is selected, then tap Select.
Your avatar will be displayed, then you can tap on the Sign In button, logging in using your username/verified email and password.
If you need to change your password, tap on Forgot Username/Password at the bottom of the screen and enter your verified email address. You'll then receive an email with instructions on how to set your new password.

Yes, you can use the same username and password to log into any Gamla games, on any device. All of our games you can find on www.gamla.io.
When you download a new game for the first time, make sure to log in with your existing username and password.

Rewards and Loyalty Perks

Diamonds are one of the in-game virtual currencies that can be used to redeem prizes. You can get Diamonds in a few different ways.
You can earn Diamonds for every match you play, regardless of its results. You might also receive Diamonds as a prize for achieving a trophy, and sometimes you may get some in your Login Bonus or Free Gift.

Gams Coins is another in-game virtual currency. It allows players to participate in non-cash and practice tournaments and matches. You can earn Gams Coins by winning tournaments, through trophies and leaderboard, or as a daily login bonus. But they can’t be purchased: you can’t sell it, withdraw, or exchange.
With Gams Coins players can’t participate in any cash tournaments.

Trophies give players additional bonuses, when they pass in-game milestones. By achieving Trophies you get additional Gams Coins and cash. You can check your Trophies in the main menu.

Bonus Cash can be used to enter tournaments and compete for real cash prizes. You can’t withdraw Bonus Cash. When you make a withdrawal, your Bonus Cash is forfeited.
When you enter a match, you typically pay the entry fee with 90% real cash and 10% Bonus Cash. However, if you do not have enough real cash to cover 90% of the entry fee, a larger portion of Bonus Cash will be used.
When you win, your entry fee is refunded the same way you paid in (split between real and Bonus Cash). However, the winnings on top of your entry fee are 100% real cash.

Games, Matching and Fairness

Our games use special algorithms to match players based on their abilities and skills. It makes the process of game more fair, because both players are in the same conditions. The moves that one player makes do not affect the other player’s game.
In asynchronous games, there is always a “Host” and a “Challenger.” Sometimes, we’re able to match a Host with a Challenger while the Host is still playing. Other times, a game can remain “pending” (unmatched) for some time after the Host has submitted their score. This is more common in newer games and in high stakes matches. If we’re unable to find a Challenger within 7 days, we will automatically cancel and refund the Host’s match.
We will never match two games that have already finished and have a score, since a player’s skill level is always assessed before a game is played. This means that if you do extra well on a particular game, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be matched with someone who would normally be above your skill band.

Pending games can be a bummer, but we are working hard to match your tournaments more quickly. We use specific algorithms to match players based on ability level and game history to make sure that every tournament is fair. Sometimes matching can take up to a few days.
If for some reason we can't find a worthy opponent for you, the tournament will be cancelled and your cash or Gams entry will be refunded. You will never be charged an entry fee for a game that is not completed. We would rather refund your money than pair you with someone whose skill level is not a match.

Tournaments allow you to participate in a timed competition against multiple players. We have two types of events - ones where you can only enter a certain number of times, and ones with unlimited entries. Sometimes, you may be required to watch a brief video before gaining entry into an event.
Unlimited entry events allow you to participate in a timed event as many times as you would like to reach the highest score you can achieve. If an entry fee is specified, the fee will be drawn every time you enter the unlimited entry event, but there are occasionally free events with unlimited entry as well.
Limited entry events only have a given number of allowed entries, but how many you get will always be listed on the event.

Tournament Rules

A tournament mode in which you can compete against players in multiple rounds of matches at the same time.
The winners of each round compete against each other until only one winner remains.
Information about the current tournament will be listed in the unfinished games list on the Results tab.
Just click on it when you want to continue.
If you disconnect from the match or close the app during the game, your match will be counted as a loss.
If two players end the match with the same score, the players are assigned a replay.
A multiplayer tournament will be cancelled if a sufficient number of players do not join within 24 hours.
In this case, your existing account will be cancelled, and your fee will be refunded.
You can see the status of your opponents' matches in the Pending Games section of the Results tab.
Players may re-enter the grid from Round 1 after they have been knocked out by paying a new entry fee, provided there is still room on the grid.
Bracket tournaments are paid out after a full tournament is completed; If you are knocked out of the grid with a loss, you will still receive a prize for making it to the end of the grid.
You can see your expected winnings at the top of the screen, the standings.
Information about the prizes can be found on the results page of the match or in their balance.
If a player loses in any of the rounds and the tournament has not yet ended, the player can enter a new tournament.

In a multiplayer match, players compete for prizes based on their score in a single match.
6/8 people play the same battle, lined up in a table, who is greater that the higher.
For multiplayer matches to be fair, all players playing in the same match will have the same game boards and will be matched against players of similar skill level.
If you disconnect from the match or close the app during the game, your match will be counted as a loss.
If two players finish the game with the same final score, the player who finishes first will receive the higher rating.
A multiplayer match will be cancelled if a sufficient number of players do not join within 24 hours.
In this case, your existing account will be canceled, and your fee will be refunded.
You can see the status of your opponents' matches in the Pending Games section of the Results tab.
Players will receive prizes corresponding to their results after the end of the tournament (all matches played).
Information on prizes can be found on the match results page or in the player's balance.

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